Hello to all of you beading fanatics out there. My name is Kathy and I have been a compulsive beader for over 20 years now.

Let me tell you how I began on this fun and creative beading journey…. Years ago I went to Joseph Days in a little town called Joseph, Oregon. There was a rodeo going on and lots of food and craft booths to browse¬†through. I came across a booth that was selling seed beads, hundreds of them. Right then I was hooked even though I didn’t know anything about beading yet.

I talk with the lady running the booth. She told me that porcupine quills were worth $20 an ounce. I just happened to ¬†live in an area at that time where there were hundreds of porcupines. She said she would trade me quills for beads and a “learn how to” book. That was the beginning of my beading journey.

This blog will be dedicated to learning about beads, how to bead, and displaying my finished bead work and other crafts. I hope you will enjoy what you see here and feel free to comment and tell me your own stories.